Learn more about Import Service Emporium in Manassas, VA by reading about our history below!

Our History:

  • Since Import Service Emporium was established 20 years ago by a dedicated pair who firmly believed that vehicle maintenance, servicing and repairs should NOT be synonymous with “rip-off,” we have built up a thriving full-spectrum business dedicated to putting and keeping people’s cars in good or better running condition instead of giving people the run-around. We believe in restoring people to driving themselves around, not resorting to driving people crazy with inadequate or incompetent treatment.
  • Import Service Emporium has a history in Virginia. A good one, and we intend to keep driving that good reputation and credibility for all its worth. We weren’t born yesterday, and we don’t think our customers were either.
  • Yes, admittedly, establishing and growing an honest and dependable, full-spectrum source for vehicle maintenance, servicing and repairs in the Virginia community – and one that could economically and knowledgeably tend to virtually all models and makes — was our dream; a radical concept even in 1982, and still seems radical in some circles today, apparently, at least to people who have not had the benefit of dealing with service persons and mechanics of our scope and caliber
  • We are what we say and seem at Import Service Emporium; we’re the real deal: vehicle-savvy, yet people-friendly – and cost-effective, too. We’re trained and skilled – from pre-emptive diagnostics to the range of services and repairs, emission control on through regardless of make or model of Import, Domestic – Car or Truck, your vehicle is in safe hands with Import Service Emporium
  • Check out our facilities, which include Gainesville in addition to our other Virginia locations that have continued to grow around our Manassas flagship service office – and part of our dependable and convenient network of staffed, stocked, standbys dedicated to a rare combination of expertise and zeal on your behalf — and get your motor running – engine purring – wheels rolling – or, at least let Import Service Emporium get you there. (You get the idea; or at least you will when you deal with us.) You’ll see why we’re still around and flourishing even after 20 years in a business where some treat trust and value as a joke. We at Import Service Emporium don’t think keeping you and your passenger’s safe is anything to joke about. We’re serious about service, and proud of our record and reputation, and we will continue to work hard on keeping it that way.
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